Credit Card Processor Hack Update: 1.5 Million Cards Compromised


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Last week it was reported that a major U.S. credit card processor'a security had been breached and that millions of credit card numbers and data were stolen. The specific processor that was the victim of the security breach and the full scope of the data theft have now been revealed.

On March 30, Global Payments Inc., a credit card processor based in Atlanta, confirmed unauthorized access into its processing system. The company believes that 1,500,000 card numbers may have been stolen, but that cardholder hames, addresses, and social security numbers were not taken. Having had multiple information security and forensics firms investigate the incident, Global Payments believes it to be contained.

"We are making rapid progress toward bringing this issue to a close. Our nearly 4,000 employees around the world are focused on providing exceptional service. We are open for business and continue to process transactions for all of the card brands," said Global Payments CEO Paul R. Garcia.

Global Payments provides electronic processing for merchants, Independent Sales Organizations, financial institutions, government agencies, and corporations. It processes credit and debit cards, purchasing cards, gift cards, and electronic checks.

There is no word yet on any progress finding those responsible for the data theft. What might be done with the stolen data is unknown. Global Payments also did not make any recommendations for consumers whose card numbers may have been compromised.