Craze Supplement Contains Meth-Like Substance


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Did someone bring Mr. White out of, ah, retirement? If you use Craze Performance Fuel for your workout boost, you might want to think twice, as Harvard researchers say the supplement contains a compound similar to meth. The company behind the Craze supplement, Driven Sports, Inc., denies the claims.

The Craze supplement is supposed to contain extract dendrobium orchids. Nowhere in the list of ingredients is methamphetamine, of course, but researchers say that it does have an unlisted ingredient that is similar to meth, “N,alpha-diethylphenylethylamine” (N,alpha-DEPEA)."

"So I think they're playing with stimulants to try and find something that will get people juiced up, revved up to work out and make them feel better," said study researcher Dr. Pieter Cohen, an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. "We found that, instead of anything from an orchid, it had an unlisted, practically unknown, cousin of methamphetamine."

That might explain this post by one Twitter user before the meth claims were released:

The research project came about after some athletes failed a drug test, but were adamant about never using meth or any other drugs. After researchers tested multiples samples of Craze, they found N,alpha-DEPEA, a stimulant that is a cousin of methamphetamine. The researchers say the stimulant has never been tested in humans and that the Craze samples they tested contained "21 to 35 milligrams per serving" of N,alpha-DEPEA, which is a pharmaceutical-level dose.

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"The recklessness of placing something that’s never been tested in a single human…into a mass-produced and mass-distributed supplement is really mind boggling," Cohen said. Craze has since been pulled from Walmart's shelves and is no longer available from GNC.

Driven Sports tested their product and say that the Harvard researchers are wrong. The company's "conclusions regarding the safety and composition of Craze have not changed: The product is safe and effective," Driven Sports says.

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