Craigslist Killer Admits to Slaying 22 Others

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A craigslist killer charged in the November murder of a man has confessed to slaying 22 other victims within the past six years.

Miranda Barbour, 19, and her newlywed husband are facing criminal homicide charges in the death of 42-year-old Troy LaFerrara.

After connecting with the victim via a Craigslist post, Barbour lured LaFerrara to a mall parking lot and then the two drove six miles into Sunbury, Pa. The post was reportedly a sexual-service advertisement set at a price of $100.

Barbour told investigators that her husband was only supposed to strangle the victim, but because LaFerrara continued to agree to sexual advancements after she had falsely claimed to be 16 years old, Barbour decided to take his slaughter even further.

LaFerrara suffered from nearly 20 stab wounds.

The couple had just moved from North Carolina to Pennsylvania prior to the slaying. After only three weeks into their marriage, LaFerrara was their first killing together.

However, for Barbour the man was just another victim to add to her list of committed murders.

During an audio-recorded interview from prison, she told journalist Francis Scarcella of The Daily Item that she has contributed to a number of murders in North Carolina, Texas, Alaska, and California.

“When I hit 22, I stopped counting," Barbour said Friday night in her confession from Northumberland County Prison.

Barbour requested the interview because she finally wanted to confess to the killings.

Police officers have now started to investigate more into her claims and have contacted appropriate authorities within several states.

"From information we gathered and from information gathered from her interview we are seriously concerned and have been in contact with the proper authorities," Sunbury Police Chief Steve Mazzeo told The Daily Item(image)

According to Barbour, she first started participating in several murders at age 13 after joining a satanic cult in Alaska.

“I wasn’t always there (mentally). I knew something was bad inside me and the satanic beliefs brought it out. I embraced it,” she said.

Barbour claims that she would go after “bad people” and according to her, LaFerrara did not deserve to live.

“I studied them. I learned them and even became their friend. I did this to people who did bad things and didn’t deserve to be here anymore.”

Hauntingly enough, the Craigslist killer told the newspaper that her killing spree would always be a constant pattern.

"I know I wanted to talk about all this because I know I had a 20-year window where I would possibly get out of jail and I don’t want that to happen. If I were to be released, I would do this again," she said unapologetically.

Barbour plans to plead guilty to LaFerrara’s murder, and in doing so, she offers to lead investigators to the locations where the other 22 killings occurred.

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