Craigslist Founder Announces New Site


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Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist, is trying something new - and substantial - today.  This morning, he launched Craigconnects, an initiative (and website) designed to encourage and trigger charitable acts all over the world.

Craigconnects isn't intended to be any sort of side project or hobby for Newmark.  In a video introduction, Newmark mentioned his ties to Craigslist, then stated, "Now I'm starting something even bigger, which I'm calling Craigconnects.  Its long-term purpose is to help connect everyone of goodwill across the entire world for whatever they feel is the common good."

Also, as the screenshot below shows, Newmark said in a tweet that Craigconnects has become "the biggest thing in my life . . ."

Unfortunately, not a whole lot more information is available right now, as all the official material is a little vague.  One other problem: the Craigconnects site is experiencing server issues.

An official announcement (linked to in Newmark's tweet) was clear that the program isn't a fundraising or grant-giving organization, however, and Newmark indicated that - while he will support it in every way - he's open to the idea of letting more qualified individuals join or perhaps take the reins.

Given what Newmark achieved with Craigslist, it should be very interesting to see what happens here.