Courtney Stodden Plays Tennis In Stripper Heels

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While I can't help but wonder exactly which devil she sold her soul to, or what, exactly, is the fascination with her, but for some reason, whenever she shows up, people notice. Sure, some people will say "boobs" or something similar, but this is the Internet we're talking about. Boobs are readily available at your finger tips for days and days, provided you can find the "B," "O," and "S" keys on a keyboard.

So it has to be something more. I mean, if you want to see a nice collection of scantily-clad women without the full-on nudity, there are an absolute ton of those images available, too, so again, I'm not sure what gives in relation to Courtney Stodden's popularity. At least Kim K was in a widely-consumed video before she broke into the mainstream. Maybe we're following her story because she's so blatant with her attention-whoring, or maybe it's because of that weird marriage arrangement she's in. Maybe it's because we really don't know how old she is, regardless how many times she says she's 17.

Whatever the case, when she shows up wearing skimpy clothes and stripper heels, the Internet does not miss out. Take her latest round of photographs, for instance. While playing tennis--again, in stripper heels, which casts that whole "playing" thing in doubt--with her 52-year old husband, Stodden tried her hand at "recreating" the iconic "Athena" poster from the world of tennis. Of course, the model in the poster in question was dressed like she was playing tennis.

Meanwhile, Stodden was dressed like this:


Which led to her trying to recreate this famous picture:


The result of Stodden's "I am NOT trying to hard" approach:


Yeah, for me, that pales in comparison, but I'm a little older than most of the folks who can't help themselves when it comes to following Internet trends, even if they make someone else popular for no apparent reason whatsoever. Here's one more of Stodden for you to consume:


Nice choice of shoes to play tennis in, Courtney. I'm sure this was in no way a calculated move on your part. I'm sure the photographers just happened upon you playing tennis and this was in no way staged on your part. Hey, it looks like she managed to fool the Daily Mail's reporter who says:

The teenager got to grips with her racket, as well as her husband, as she displayed her ball skills on the court. And it appears that she was quite the pro, expertly hitting the tennis ball, all whilst flaunting plenty of cleavage and leg.

Who wants to bet "expertly hitting the tennis ball" is another of saying "she managed to actually return a ball without falling off those ridiculous shoes and breaking her ankles?"

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