Courtney Stodden Has Been A C Cup This Whole Time

Teen bride Courtney Stodden–who is now of legal age–has apparently been faking a DD cup for years now and only just had an operation to enhance her boobs.

Stodden–who wed 51-year old “The Green Mile” actor Doug Hutchinson when she was just 16–says she’s wanted the look of DD’s for years but was too young to undergo surgery, and her mother wouldn’t allow it.

“In real life, I was a C cup,” the reality star told FOX411. “I’ve been wearing Victoria’s Secret bras that enhance the look of your breast by two cup sizes, which gave the look of a DD.”

Stodden says Hutchinson has been supportive of the ordeal and has been helping her through recovery, although for a while things looked rocky for the couple. They even appeared on the VH1 reality show “Couples Therapy” together last year, but it looks like things are back on track.

“He thinks my results look amazing and he always wants me to be happy,” Stodden said.

Stodden told E! News that she feels more confident now and that she had the surgery for herself, not to please anyone else.

“I love the way my shape looks, it looks more Jessica Rabbit-y, and it just makes me feel more sexy, more like a woman,” she said.

The young reality star videotaped her surgery, though it’s unclear if she’ll release it or just keep it for her kids to watch someday. You can see pics of the results here.

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