Courteney Cox's Daughter Coco To Sing At Wedding

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Courteney Cox and Snow Patrol rocker Johnny McDaid are getting ready to tie the knot in Ireland.

Courteney Cox's daughter is super excited and Cox just revealed that her little girl has a big job at the event: wedding singer.

A source revealed that Courteney Cox's daughter has been doing a lot of preparation and that she "is taking singing lessons" so that she will be perfect for her mom's nuptials.

The source added, "She's inspired by Johnny and will perform at the wedding."

Of course, Coco has been so involved with Courteney Cox's wedding. In fact, Cox said that she has just sort of let it become Coco's thing.

She said, ''Coco spends more time thinking about the wedding than I do. She wants to be the maid of honor. She's like, 'I want you to have bridesmaids.' I said, 'That's a little different than the norm.'"

Courteney Cox added, ''She's demanding certain things! She's like, 'I also told my best friend she could be in the wedding.' I'm like, 'OK, Coco, why don't you just tell me what's happening?' I'm letting this be her thing.''

Courteney Cox, 50, told Jimmy Kimmel, back in September, how McDaid, 38, acquired Coco's help in asking her mom to marry him.

Courteney Cox said, "He gave her a little diamond ring and got on his knee. And she said, 'Great! I'm going to camp tomorrow. Let's do it right now!'"

Johnny McDaid and little Coco put together the perfect proposal.

She said, "They made a plan to count down from three, and when they got to one, he was gonna get down on his knee and say, 'Will you marry me?' and she was gonna say, 'Will you marry him? They planned it out, they found the perfect tree, with three branches that led to one trunk — it was beautiful."

In addition to wedding planning, Courteney Cox will also be appearing on the new The Late Late Show with James Corden soon. The show is really shaping up to be a hit.

James Corden has already lined up tons of guests. In addition to Courteney Cox, Michael Douglas, Jeff Goldblum, Megan Mullally, Matthew Perry, Tig Notaro, Freida Pinto, Gordon Ramsay, and many others have already signed on.

Showrunner Ben Winston said, "We’ve been surprised by how much people have embraced it though. The biggest names in Hollywood from Will Ferrell to Tom Hanks to David Beckham have all gone, 'We’re up for it. We think it’s refreshing and exciting.'"

What do you think about all of the exciting things coming up in Courteney Cox's life?

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