Courteney Cox Shuts Down 'Friends' Reunion, 'Dear Lord, Let It Go, People'

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Courteney Cox had made it very clear that there will be no Friends reunion, period.

Courteney Cox told Yahoo! Style in a video interview that people just need to get over it.

"Dear lord, let it go, people, we're not doing it. It's just not gonna happen," said Courteney Cox.

Courteney said jokingly that she may, however, consider a spin-off featuring her on-screen character, Monica Geller.

"Oh, Monica's gonna do a movie. Yeah, just not the whole Friends," Courteney said, laughing. "No, it's gonna be called Hangin' with Monica. People will be running to the theaters."

Courteney Cox labeled one of her six co-stars as the party-pooper of a Friends reunion.

"We've gotten about 80 percent there, but there's always one person who flakes at the end ... You know, I'm not going to name names, but it may not be Schwimmer," she quipped, referring to her on-screen brother, David Schwimmer.

On a different note, Courteney said 10-year-old daughter Coco, whose dad is David Arquette, will have an important role in her upcoming wedding to fiancé Johnny McDaid.

"She is going to sing something probably at the wedding," said Courteney Cox said. "She also sang at David's wedding a couple weeks ago. I think she's probably going to be a wedding singer. She's really booking 'em right now!"

So, are you all bummed after hearing what Courteney Cox had to say about a 'Friends' reunion?

Pam Wright