Courteney Cox Accepts Jennifer Aniston's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Courteney Cox was challenged by her BFF and former Friends costar to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and accepted the challenge poolside--with the help of 'Sing' and 'A Team' crooner Ed Sheeran.

Cox is engaged to Snow Patrol's Johnny McDaid, who was challenged as part of her participation in the fundraiser and act of increasing awareness about the deadly disease. In addition to McDaid, Courteney Cox nominated McDaid's Snow Patrol band mate Gary Lightbody and actress Isla Fisher.

Courteney Cox is seen seated by the pool. Once she calls out her nominations, Ed Sheeran dumps a bucket of icy water over her head--immediately after which Johnny McDaid and Gary Lightbody douse her with an even larger bucket full of water.

It is reported that as of Tuesday, August 26th, the ALS Association has raised more than $88.5 million in donations since the inception of this Ice Bucket Challenge. During this same time frame last year, fundraising efforts yielded $2.6 million. 1.9 million new donors have stepped up to the plate this summer alone, most of which came from the popular challenge.

Gary Lightbody was the first to officially accept Courteney Cox's challenge.

Fiance Johnny McDaid followed suit. He was also helped out by Ed Sheeran.

Some negative press has emerged regarding the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, with naysayers claiming people should simply donate money and not "show off" via social media while dumping water over their heads. Those same naysayers should perhaps cough up $88.5 million--or join in the fun.

Kudos to Courteney Cox for taking place in this worthwhile fundraiser. Kudos to Jennifer Aniston for nominating her. One has to wonder, however, why Courteney didn't nominate Ed Sheeran? After all, he was the one who doused her first.

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