Court: Woman Can Serve Divorce Papers via Facebook

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If you're trying to dodge divorce papers, stay off Facebook.

The Manhattan Supreme Court has just issued a ruling that will allow a 26-year-old nurse to serve her husband divorce papers via Facebook message, according to The New York Daily News.

Ellanora Baidoo and her husband, Victor Sena Blood-Dzraku, are both from Ghana. Baidoo's lawyer said the relationship went south shortly after Blood-Dzraku broke a promise to have a traditional Ghanaian wedding after the civil ceremony. The two never lived together, but the marriage is still intact.

Apparently, Blood-Dzraku is a tough man to find. His last known address is from an apartment he left in 2011, and he has no current address or place of employment. According to Baidoo's lawyer, he refuses to "make himself available to be served with divorce papers."

He has kept in touch some over the years via Facebook, and that's where he's about to get served.

She'll serve him the papers, via Facebook, once a week for three weeks "or until acknowledged".

“We tried everything, including hiring a private detective — and nothing,” said her lawyer. “I think it’s new law, and it’s necessary."

You've been able to serve legal papers via Facebook for a little while now, but this is the first known case of someone officially ending a marriage via Facebook message. Of course, it's probably not the first time Facebook has been involved in the death of a relationship.

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