Couple Falls Off Cliff While Taking Selfies


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Selfies seem to have taken over the world and anyone with a camera is guilty of taking one.

While a selfie used to be the last resort to getting a photo of yourself if no one was around to take it, they are now a preferred photography method and are commonly found on social networks.

Many people prefer to take selfies in special locations such as when they are on vacation or at a concert.

One couple was attempting to do this when they fell to their deaths.

A polish couple was taking selfies at the cliffs of Cabo Da Roca in Portugal on Saturday when they accidentally fell off the cliffs and into the ocean. Rescue teams began looking for the bodies immediately, but had to call off their search on Saturday because of bad weather.

When the search resumed on Sunday, the rescuers were able to find the bodies and notified the families.

The couple had two children with them, ages five and six, when they fell. The children were placed in the care of Polish diplomats and had to undergo psychological evaluations.

The couple is believed to have fallen at least 260 feet from the cliffs to the ocean. Another couple happened to be nearby and witnessed the accident. They called emergency services immediately and cared for the young children until help arrived.

When police arrived the couple and the children were very upset and shaken up about the incident.

Police do not know if the couple died from the fall or drowned in the ocean.

Do you believe the selfies were the cause of the couple's fall?

Image via Wikimedia Commons