Couple Stabbing Occurs Over 'American Idol' Argument


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A couple in York, Pennsylvania have been arrested for stabbing each other during an argument over Fox network TV karaoke contest American Idol.

According to a report from the York Dispatch, 48-year-old Karen Harrelson and 57-year-old Gregory Stambaugh were drinking and watching American Idol on May 15 at Stambaugh's home. They then began arguing over which contestant should win the competition - Candice Glover or Kree Harrison. York police believe one of them then grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed the other, prompting the person stabbed to grab the knife and stab back.

It is not clear which of the two stabbed the other first. Also not clear is which of the two was arguing for Candice Glover, who ended up winning American Idol the following day.

Stambaugh stated to police that Harrelson had retrieved the knife first, stabbed him and then ran off. He recalled that he then followed her and wrestled the knife away. Harrelson maintains that she retrieved the knife to cut a slice of cake, when Stambaugh attacked her and cut her with a different knife. She alleges that she then stabbed him with her knife before dialing 911.

Both Harrelson and Stambaugh were arrested and charged with aggravated assault.