Cosby, Cybill And More Come To Hulu Plus

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It's almost the weekend and you're looking for something to watch this weekend. You've already gone through all of The Cosby Show on Hulu Plus and you're looking for your next fix of laugh track fueled family comedy. Well, Hulu has four new shows that you just might be interested in spending your weekend with.

Hulu announced today that Cosby, A Different World, Grace Under Fire and Cybill join its library today for Hulu Plus subscribers. This is the first time these shows have been available on any streaming platform. They join the already expansive collection of Carsey-Werner titles already available on Hulu Plus.

Here's a brief synopsis of the four new shows being added:

Behind the giggles, chortles and laughs, shows like “A Different World,” in addition to introducing us to style icon Dwayne Wayne, taught us how to shed juvenile fears and face adult challenges. “Cosby” showed us how to roll with the punches and lean on our families as we get older (in addition to making us wish Madeline Kahn was a series regular in our lives). Chuck Lorre’s “Grace Under Fire” and “Cybill“ were both shows that comically portrayed the tough realities of the non-nuclear family of the 90s with strong female leads with distinctive differences. Brett Butler’s blue-collar divorcee Grace had grit, while Cybill’s multi-divorcee, struggling actress had…well…just a smidge more grace.

In other content acquisitions, Hulu announced in early February that it had obtained the rights to CBS TV's extensive back catalog of shows, including Happy Days, Cheers and The Brady Bunch. Around the same time, Hulu Kids added a bunch of Pokemon content.

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