Corvette Stingray Already Starting Trends Among Buyers


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If you see a vehicle that moves like a stealth bomber on wheels while driving, don't be alarmed. It's just the 2014 Corvette, and you can bet your money that you'll be seeing it quite often real soon.

On the brink of the new Corvette's release, Chevrolet reported that as of last month, 485 pre-ordered vehicles have been shipped to various dealerships around the country. Whether the 485 recipients know it or not, they've already started a few trends with the new vehicle.

In a brief interview with AutoBlog, Chevrolet representative, Monte Doran, revealed that nearly all of the customers who placed pre-orders for the vehicle are not new to the Corvette experience. As a matter of fact, nearly all of them were existing owners of previous Corvette models.

The awe-factor in the Corvette trends was that a notable 38% of the new vehicles where built with the request of the all-new seven-speed manual transmission. The intriguing percentage is actually one for the record books as it was noted as the highest of any General Motors vehicle. That goes for the Camaro too. Another fascinating trend is that a whopping 75% of the pre-order customers opted for the Z51 Performance Package, and more than half of those vehicles were customized with the magnetic ride suspension system.

General Motors stated that they expect the high level of customized Corvette orders to eventually wane as more C7 fanatics get their hands on their prize possession. They also expect the purchase percentage to increase for the six-speed paddle-shift automatic transmission.

However, if you want a new customized C7 before it hits mass production, be prepared to play the waiting game – possibly six months to be exact, according to CarBuzz. With some customers willing to pay a whopping $20K for priority on the waiting list, the vehicle is definitely in high demand. But, it doesn't seem anyone is complaining so the Vette must be worth the wait.


Image via Chevrolet