Using Corporate Gifting to Advance Your Branding

In the world where impressions matter, corporate gifting can go a long way. Learn how to pair it with your brand archetype below....
Using Corporate Gifting to Advance Your Branding
Written by Staff
  • A good gift isn’t just something the recipient can use. It’s also something they were unlikely to buy for themselves. On top of both those things, the best gifts reflect well on the person who sent them. 

    It’s for that last reason that companies sometimes send gifts to their customers. Corporate gifting provides a measurable return on investment for the companies who engage in the practice. Customers who receive gifts feel valued by the company who sent them. This leads to positive word of mouth and strengthened touchpoints, which drive repeat sales. Meaningful and memorable corporate gifting can lead to 40% higher ROI for the company.

    If your company decides to send gifts to customers, it needs to make a number of decisions. First, what gift will it give? The best gifts fit the conventions described above while fitting with the company’s brand. 

    Brand Archetypes Matter

    Before deciding on gift ideas, ask yourself: does your company have a strong, identifiable brand? If you aren’t sure, consider the major brand archetypes. According to renowned psychologists Carl Jung, there are 12 major personality archetypes seen throughout history. Find the archetype that fits best with your company’s offering and style and embrace it. 

    After all, 90% of customers want brands that feel real to them. Aligning your brand with an archetype humanizes the company and makes it relatable to customers. Brands that use well-defined archetypes to personify themselves rise in value by 97%. 

    How does this relate to gifting, though? A brand’s “personality” guides every interaction it has with customers. The brand image drives advertising and marketing decisions. It controls how social media accounts engage with the public. It can influence how stores are laid out, how websites are designed, and even how employees speak to customers. Naturally, a company’s brand informs the gifts it gives as well. The idea is that the “personality” of the brand will draw in customers who share that archetype.

    Consider the Magician archetype. According to Jung, this archetype values mastery and uniqueness. The best gifts for this type are unconventional novelty items. One possible gift is a kaleidoscope. With a kaleidoscope, you can turn reality into a spellbinding possibility that changes with every angle.

    Another archetype on Jung’s list is the Everyman. This type values belonging to a group and appreciates more classic gifts. A courant classic catch enables clients to make happy memories with your brand in mind. With these examples, you can see how having a brand archetype can guide gift selection for your customers. 

    In Conclusion

    Once you decide on gifts for customers, you also need to decide on the occasion for them. Some companies send gifts to loyal customers who have spent a certain amount of money with them. Others send gifts on customer birthdays to add a personal touch to the relationship.

    The most important part of corporate gifting is making the customers who receive their gifts feel special. Even standardized gifts should feel personal in some way. Connect with clients beyond the close of a sale.

    Choosing the right gifts for your brand archetype

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