Corinne Foxx Gets Golden Globes Training from Dad Jamie Foxx

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Corinne Foxx is getting lots of training for her role Sunday as Miss Golden Globe from her dad Jamie Foxx. The actor is putting his 19-year-old daughter through all kinds of drills so she isn't soon forgotten when the Golden Globes are over on Sunday evening.

In a Creed tribute, Corinne Foxx learns to smile, walk, talk, and wave like a star. Jamie Foxx even makes her jump rope in high heels.

Check it all out below in this Vanity Fair film clip.

Jamie Foxx even throws some lighthearted shade in Steve Harvey's direction when Corinne Foxx admits she's nervous about her upcoming role as Miss Golden Globe.

Foxx tells his daughter that no matter what, it "won't be as bad as Steve Harvey."

Harvey, as most everyone knows, read the wrong name as the winner of the Miss Universe Pageant last month, crowning Miss Colombia--the first runner-up--instead of Miss Philippines, the rightful winner.

For the past few years a child of a notable Hollywood actor is named Miss Golden Globe. Corinne Foxx will assist in the presentation of Golden Globes to Sunday's winners.

Jamie Foxx is certainly determined his daughter will be a winner in her own right. The 21-year-old college senior wants to become an actor, but has long been determined to finish college first.

All kidding aside, Corinne Foxx will surely do her dad--and her whole family--proud.

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