Your iPod Could Be Worth $8 Billion!

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After months of debate about SOPA, PIPA and ACTA... after the shutdown of file sharing services, the arrest of executives who oversaw them and the chasing of torrent sites from one domain name to another... there is a new development that could put all this in perspective.

Today, the TED organization released a video featuring comic author Rob Reid's unveiling of a new branch of mathematics that he calls "Copyright Math". This study is based on deconstructing statements by the entertainment industry, such as:

  • $58 Billion is lost to the U.S. economy annually due to content theft
  • Every year, 373,000 U.S. job are lost to content theft
  • Each copy of each pirated song does $150,000 in damages to media companies
  • The logic Reid employs in this piece should be shared with every person who has ever burned a CD.

    Filmed at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center in California, the video shows in visceral terms just how ridiculous the whole thing has gotten.

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