Cookie Monster Stars in Wolf of Sesame Street

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Wolf of Wall Street didn't win the Oscar for best picture, but it did indeed rock. A couple of USC film students shared those same thoughts but decided to do a little tribute of their own with a creative Wolf and cookies mashup...And I mean lots of cookies.

I mean it makes sense, right? Both titles end in the same word. Why wouldn't you want to combine the movie and the children's show?

In the short clip (I know-I wish it was longer too) Cookie Monster plays Leonardo DiCapro's role while his close buddy Elmo fills in for Jonah Hill.

I think the parallel between Cookie Monster and DiCaprio's insatiable hunger for more makes the Sesame Street character a perfect shoe-in for the coveted role of Wall Street guru Jordan Belfort.

Matthew McConaughey even makes an appearance too!

Wolf of Sesame Street features our favorite childhood characters swearing and partaking in a world beyond the quaint, alphabet-learning, fuzzy realm in which we once lived in.

So without further ado, check out the insanely wild, curiously fun Wolf of Sesame Street. Oh, and by the way, the clip isn't really that suitable for work.

And apparently, cookies weren't enough.

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