Constitution Tattoo Flub Gets Response From Julia Louis-Dreyfus

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The new Rolling Stone issue featuring a naked Julia Louis-Dreyfus has people buzzing - for the wrong reasons. While Louis-Dreyfus looks stunning on the cover, but people are paying more attention to the US constitution tattooed on her back. Below the constitution is the signature of Founding Father John Hancock - who never signed the constitution.

In fact, it was the Declaration of Independence that the Second Continental Congress president signed.

The misplaced attribution was noticed right away. John Hancock's autograph is so famous that his name has become synonymous with the term ‘signature.’ Netizens turned to social media to question the obvious blunder.

One user commented that John Hancock did not sign the constitution. Another asked how Rolling Stone could miss something this important.

The National Constitution Center, located in Philadelphia, also commented on the cover flub, by tweeting a picture of the cover next to other Founding Fathers Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. A text said “Thanks for the shoutout,” before noting that Hancock is not included.

According to a representative of the magazine, it was not a mistake, but was done only because the Declaration of Independence couldn't fit in the image. Publicity director of Wenner Media, Melissa Bruno, said that the Declaration of Independence is on the other side, but the signatures couldn't all fit. Louis-Dreyfus also responded on Twitter to criticism, saying it was another Mike f***-up, referring to the character Mike McLintock, the director of communications for the HBO comedy series Veep. She also called him a “dummy,” with the hashtag Veep and crackexcuse.


The TV star’s cover focuses on her career as “The First Lady of Comedy.” After her successful role as Elaine Benes in Seinfeld, she is back as Selina Meyer, vice president of the United States in Veep. The series has been met with critical acclaim and won a number of awards.

The Rolling Stone issue will hit newsstands on April 11.

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