Connie Ditto Gets Restraining Order Against Husband, Charges Filed

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Connie Ditto, the woman who captured the attention and fascination of America when she went missing after sending her husband some bizarre-sounding texts, has been found safe and alive. That part you know.

Now the news comes that Connie Ditto's husband, Mark Ditto, the man who pleaded with the public to help find his missing wife, has been charged with assault and taken into custody.

Connie Ditto is a salon owner from Henrico, Virginia. She sent a text to her husband, telling him she was not feeling well and was headed to a clinic. She then told him she having head pains and was going to have an x-ray at a local hospital. After that, she turned off her phone and went missing.

The public reacted to Mark Ditto's plea for help finding his missing wife with a variety of theories.

Some thought Connie Ditto was cheating on Mark.

Some headlines called Connie's texts to her husband misleading, since it was later discovered that she had not gone to a hospital and had, in fact, walked away from the clinic she visited.

Connie was found when a traffic license plate reader captured her plate and she was discovered in an Extended Stay America Hotel in Innsbrook.

But now it sounds like Connie may have had reason to hide from and mislead Mark. She says he assaulted her. Mark has responded that Connie is lying, and her daughters are backing him up.

“I’m totally floored. We as a family are very happy Connie was found unharmed. I’m very sad and sorry for her apparent health problems. I’m very disappointed by what she’s put her family through and all the people across the country who supported her search.”

Mark Ditto says the incident his wife is telling police about was not an assault, but that she was drunk and trying to drive when he and her daughters tried to take away her keys.

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