Congressman Hank Johnson Wants To Protect Your Privacy

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There are a lot of privacy debates flowing through our nation at the moment. Where do we draw the line when drafting legislation that helps protect the Internet and those who profit from it, but still retaining the privacy rights that we hold dear? instead of just talking to "stakeholders," one Congressman wants to hear your ideas.

Representative Hank Johnson of Georgia wants to protect your privacy. While there are fights going on to protect your privacy in most areas of your digital life, nobody has really addressed mobile apps. That's where Rep. Johnson comes in. He has introduced, a site where he's asking citizens to provide ideas for a privacy law that would protect mobile app users from those who wish to spy on them.

Rep. Johnson had only a minute to speak, but what he said in that minute was amazing. His call to "consult the folks who use the Internet before we regulate it," might be the smartest thing that any politician has ever said in regards to Internet legislation.

If you would like to jumpstart the future of privacy-minded bills, you can head on over to and tell him your ideas. If Rep. Johnson has his way, we may have a bill that actually protects privacy at the beginning of the year.

As for Rep. Johnson, he should take a look at Mozilla's privacy policy in regards to apps. It's an excellent foundation to build legislation on.

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