Conan O'Brien Reviews Cortana (And Halo 4)

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Halo 4 was one of the most critically lauded games of last year. It proved that 343 Industries has what it takes to carry the Halo torch. Of course, it can't really be deemed a critical success until it gets a pass from the toughest critic of them all.

Clueless Gamer, Conan's insanely delightful game review show, takes on Halo 4 in the latest episode. Of course, the game doesn't get much of the attention as Conan is too busy invested in Cortana, Master Chief's AI companion. He does get in a few good jabs, however, including a particularly insightful comment on how games focus too much story at the expense of gameplay.

Personally, Clueless Gamer is wasted on Conan's late night show. The latest episode only further proves this point. In fact, just get him into focus groups and game testing from now on. I'd love to play a game that was built around his expectations of what a good game is.

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