Conan O’Brien Honors David Bowie With Montage Of His 'Late Night' Appearances

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Following news of David Bowie’s death, late night talk show host Conan O’ Brien paid tribute to the musician on his TBS show Conan on Monday night.

“Obviously this is a very sad day. Everyone found out that David Bowie passed away yesterday. Incredibly sad news,” O’Brien began his monologue.

“He was on our show several times over the years and the man was always outstanding. People are remembering today what a phenomenal musician David Bowie was and of course that was the case. He was mind-blowing talented, but in my experience, he was always an incredibly nice person, he was fun, he was always funny,” he said.

Bowie, who had been a frequent guest in O’Brien’s Late Night show on NBC, passed away at 69, after an 18-month battle with cancer. Conan O’Brien had interviewed David Bowie several times on his show so he honored the “phenomenal musician” with a five-minute clip showcasing his funny and goofy side.

Conan O'Brien Honors David Bowie's Memory with a Montage of his Show Appearances

The clip showed interviews with Bowie, including one episode in which O’Brien revealed the singer’s famed onstage characters. Bowie then reluctantly obliged to sing a song that O’Brien wrote and did a pretty good impression of Tom Brokaw. Bowie also joked about flying over to Memphis to celebrate his birthday with his drinking buddy – the late Elvis Presley.

Conan O’Brien was not the only one who honored the rock icon on national TV, as The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon remembered Bowie on his program.

Fallon called him a “great artist, one-of-a-kind singer, songwriter, actor, fashion icon, mad genius who also had one of the greatest senses of humor of anyone I've ever met.”

Jimmy Fallon Remembers David Bowie on His Show

The host added he and the singer had emailed each jokes every now and then. Fallon then said that he would email Bowie but then added, “You don't have to email me back.”

“In fact, don't. It'd be weird for me. Don't even consider it. Just read it and enjoy what I put in there. But we should all celebrate him for all the fantastic work he's done,” he said, which made the audience laugh.

Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon are only two of numerous artists and celebrities who were shocked and saddened by the sudden passing of one of the most iconic musicians of our time, David Bowie.

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