ConAgra Lawsuit: Company's "Fat-Free" Claims Under Fire

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ConAgra Foods, makers of Parkay butter and Wesson cooking oils, have another lawsuit on their hands courtesy of a Nebraska woman, Pamela Trewhitt. The lawsuit comes almost exactly one year after another suit involving the line of cooking oils.

Trewhitt has filed the suit on the grounds that Parkay Spray butter is advertising the product to be "fat and calorie free" when it is, in fact, loaded with both; 832 calories and 93 grams of fat for an 8-ounce bottle, in fact. The lawsuit mentions several internet complaints about the spray, including one from a woman who says she was on a very strict diet and monitored her caloric intake very carefully, yet she wasn't losing any weight over a period of almost two years. Little did she know, the Parkay Spray butter she was liberally dousing her steamed vegetables with was the culprit.

'I could not figure out why I simply could not lose hardly even a pound, even though I was working out hard ... and monitoring calories ... for a couple of years,'" the lawsuit relays. "Well ... I was also literally taking the top of the 'fat and calorie free butter' spray and pouring it on all my carefully steamed veggies when I found out that a bottle of that stuff is 90 fat grams. I was going through two bottles a week, and working out and getting fat and unhealthy."

ConAgra stands firm on their word that nothing is amiss, however. Spokeswoman Becky Niiya said Thursday, "We intend to vigorously defend this litigation."

However, as previously mentioned, this isn't the first time the company has been in hot water over a label's claims. A suit filed in August of last year claimed that their line of Wesson oils--which were packaged as "all natural"--contained genetically altered corn and soy.

The Parkay website still claims the product is fat and calorie-free.


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