comScore Search Engine Rankings For March 2012


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comScore released its search engine rankings for March 2012 today and, much like the surface of the moon, movement remains largely nonexistent. In February, Google, the monthly leader in search, claimed 66.4% of the market share whereas in March, the search engine claimed... 66.4% of the market share. Similarly, Microsoft, and by Microsoft we mean to say Bing, remained at exactly the same market share in March as it had in February with 15.3%. The biggest shake-up (and I use that phrase completely incorrectly) to happen this month was the 0.1% decrease in Yahoo!'s stake of the search market while AOL increased 0.1%.

comScore March 2012 Search Rankings

18.4 billion explicit core searches were accrued in March, with Google netting 12.2 billion of them, roughly 6,000,000 more than February. Bing saw a smaller increase of less than 200,000 and totalled 2.8 billion searches, 5% more than February, in order to land at its well-lived in abode of second place.

comscore March 2012 Search Rankings

One final note of search trivia: For March, 68.6 percent of searches carried organic search results from Google, while 25.9 percent of searches were powered by Bing. At least Yahoo! appears to have slowed down its decline in the search race this month.