comScore Gives Twitter Traffic Victory Over MySpace

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Although it obviously took a little while for anyone to notice, it looks like August will go down as a very important period in Twitter's history.  comScore has determined that Twitter passed MySpace in terms of unique visitors last month.

In one sense, the changeup wasn't a huge deal: Twitter just saw 96 million visitors versus MySpace's 95 million.  But the switch looks permanent, considering that, on a year-over-year basis, Twitter's visitor count increased 76 percent while MySpace's fell 17 percent.

Amir Efrati also noted, "Twitter is expected to gain visitors from a redesign of launched two weeks ago, which made the site more like Facebook's and could draw in users who access Twitter through third-party applications such as TweetDeck."

Twitter LogoThis should make advertisers and businesspeople who still haven't come to respect Twitter think twice, perhaps devoting a little bit of time and money to the site as a result.

It's also possible a sort of snowball effect in terms of users could occur, since some people are sure to follow their friends in joining Twitter.

Let's just hope appearances of the fail whale are kept to a minimum as all of this moves forward.