Compete Documents Hotmail Dominance


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If you ever set out to collect personal email addresses at a tech gathering, here's a tip: generally speaking, you can save time by typing or writing out the "@gmail" part before approaching people.  But Compete provided a bit of a reality check today by showing that Hotmail remains in the top spot overall.

Andrew Pearlman - who is himself a satisfied Hotmail user - wrote earlier, "I am happy to report that MSN Hotmail still holds a slight lead in the number of Unique Visitors over Gmail every month."

It's done so for quite some time, too.  Pearlman continued, "Below is a trend line for the previous 3 years, keep in mind that the domain for has changed over time and in late '07 the sub-domain moved from to"

Of course, if you eye the July 2009 to September 2009 region of the graph, the odds of Hotmail staying in the lead start to look a little slim.  Nonetheless, if Bing continues to become more successful and Microsoft does a decent job of tying all its products together, it's hard to say what might happen.

At the least, this should be a sign to not give odd ("you're backwards") or rude ("you're blowing me off") looks to people who supply Hotmail addresses.

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