Coming To America Sequel: Eddie Murphy And Arsenio Hall Discuss [Video]


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Eddie Murphy's career, as many would argue, has certainly gone downhill since he had kids, and has not been making the kind of movies that he used to.

Maybe a Coming To America sequel is exactly the thing that the veteran comedic actor needs in order to get his career back on track.

The comedic genius of the 1980s was reunited with Arsenio Hall on his talk show, and the pair of actors who starred in the popular film together discussed the idea of a sequel.

Coming To America was released 25 years ago in 1988, and fans continue to wonder if Murphy and Hall will ever reunite to reprise their roles in the classic comedy.

The film told the story of Akeem, an African prince who travels to Queens, New York, in order to find a bride, which turns out to be a hilarious situation of course. Arsenio Hall played his assistant, and the person who was supposed to keep an eye him, making sure he did the right things.

Through the interview, it seems that the two actors put to rumors to rest that a Coming To America sequel will be coming, but for an interesting reason. It seems that, according to Eddie Murphy, "When Coming to America came out it was a bunch of lawsuits."

Murphy continued to talk about multiple people approaching him on the street who told him that they were the real prince, and that they wanted his money, even threatening to kill him. That certainly makes things interesting, and we all know why we never saw a sequel from the hit film now.

If a Coming To America sequel were ever to be made, it seems like this would be the time, but they do not look to be involved with a sequel to the film, due to the the complications that arose following the release of the first film.

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