Comcast: We'll Rectify Our Screwup Only If You Promise Not to Tell Anyone About Our Screwup

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At this point, it's a little too late for Comcast to keep the public in the dark about its customer service woes. Too many people have experienced the nightmare and too many stories have come out showing, for example, just how miserable the simple act of canceling one's service can be.

Comcast itself has already said it's taking steps to improve its customer service. The cat is out of the bag.

Which is why it's particularly sad and hilarious that Comcast would try to force a gag order down a couple's throat.

The story comes from Philadelphia's 6ABC News, where nice-looking people Carol and John Lehman say their experience with Comcast didn't end when they turned in their cable box.

In fact, Comcast kept billing them for over five years. In all, the Lehmans racked up over $600 in erroneous charges.

According to the Lehmans, it took multiple calls to get Comcast to even agree to refund the money.

It's at this point that you'd expect the story to end. It's bad enough that Comcast not only charged them for a service they no longer provided – for half a decade – but it took the Lehmans call after call the rectify the situation.

But wait, there's more.

When Comcast finally agreed to refund the $600 worth of bogus charges, it came with one stipulation – that they never speak of it again.

Comcast demanded that the Lehmans sign a non-disclosure agreement if they wanted their $600. They even have a recording of this "offer" (Comcast left a voicemail).

I guess this is what Comcast was referring to when it recently talked about "shifting their mindset" to "do what's right."

The company recently announced an initiative to improve its customer service – adding 5,500 new support jobs and creating multiple new support centers. Comcast even offered to give customers $20 if their technicians are late for appointments.

“This transformation is about shifting our mindset to be completely focused on the customer. It’s about respecting their time, being more proactive, doing what’s right, and never being satisfied with good enough,” said Neil Smit, President and CEO, Comcast Cable. “We’re on a mission and everyone is committed to making this happen.”

I'm assuming the whole NDA thing is not part of the new plan. Hey, at least Comcast didn't call Mrs. Lehman a Super Bitch.

Image via Wikimedia Commons, h/t Consumerist

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