Comcast, Time Warner Cable Still the Most-Despised Companies in America

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As we prepare to transition from 2014 to 2015, Comcast and Time Warner Cable – two companies attempting to merge – are still the best at being the worst.

The American Consumer Satisfaction Index, a huge (80,000 or so) annual survey that asks Americans about their satisfaction with certain companies and areas of the national economy, has again shown how much people dislike these two major players.

MarketWatch has the new ratings from the December report, which surveyed people in regard to 230 brands. Time Warner Cable's internet service scored a 54 out of 100 – the lowest of all companies. The next lowest? Time Warner Cable's tv service with a 56.

Coming in third-to-last was Comcast ISP, with a 57.

These numbers mimic those seen earlier this year – the last time the ACSI issued a report. This is becoming a trend.

It's been a bad year PR wise – especially for Comcast. You can see exhibits A, B, C. Regulators are still weighing the proposed merger.

Image via Consumerist, Flickr Creative Commons

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