Comcast Is On A Roll With This Customer Service Thing

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Earlier this year, Comcast took control of FEARnet, a popular channel and website among horror enthusiasts, and this week, shut both down, and let go of the people that operated them. Even the farewell note they posted on the site is gone, because, well, the site is gone. I mean, really? They couldn't have even kept a landing page up explaining the situation?

This passionate fan recaps the basic story:

He's not alone in his sadness about the loss of FEARnet. The Twitter account is proof of that:

Scott Weinberg, a popular film critic, who wrote for the site, tweeted:

Verified Comcast customer support rep "Comcast Mike" got back to him to ease the pain:


That appears to be where the exchange stands as of the time of this writing. Well, there's also this:

No, that's not very cool. Why not at least continue to get the pageviews on the old content?

As you've no doubt heard, Comcast's customer service has been taking a beating in the media since an excruciating phone call, in which a guy tried to cancel his service, made its way into the spotlight.

In May, a "massive survey" found that Comcast and Time Warner Cable are the two most hated companies in America. And that was like two months before the highly-publicized nightmare phone call.

In other Comcast news, a 48-year-old New Mexico woman has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after she pulled a handgun on a Comcast employee.

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