Coke Formula Claim Goes Up For Auction

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Every few years someone pops up with a claim that they've uncovered the legendary formula for Coca-Cola. The soft drink company has kept the formula a carefully guarded secret for decades, and always shoots down claims. In 2011, public radio show This American Life spoke with one of the people who claim to have the original formula, but Coca-Cola officially denied the authenticity of the recipe:

Now, another person has come forward with what they believe to be the world's most sought-after formula. According to an NBC 11 report, a Ringgold, Georgia man named Cliff Kluge states that the has "accidentally" found the formula.

The man told reporters that he and his wife bought a box of letters at an estate sale. The box contained a cola recipe that Kluge believes is the real deal. He states that it is very similar to the recipe uncovered by This American Life.

Kluge is now auctioning off the formula on eBay, asking for a starting bid of $5 million and a Buy Now price of $15 million.

Coca-Cola has stated, as it always has, that this formula is another in a series of failed attempts to recreate Coca-Cola, and that the only copy of the real thing is locked in a vault in Atlanta.

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