Cobra Rock Formation Crumbles And Falls

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Rock climbers were sad to learn that a popular rock formation has toppled over.

Cobra Rock was a tall sandstone formation in southern Utah and was a favorite among local climbers.

According to Bureau of Land Management spokeswoman Megan Crandall, the rock formation toppled over recently, but they are not sure when or how it actually happened.

"It's sad and it's unfortunate," Crandall said, recounting that officials have kept in mind that "those same forces that made it eventually would contribute to its demise."

Crandall went on to say that although she knew the tower would eventually crumble and fall over someday, she was surprised to see it happen so soon.

"It wasn't like it was teetering or tottering or anything like that," she added.

Lisa Hathaway, a local rock climber, said that she had climbed the rock several times and wasn’t at all shocked to learn that it had finally fallen down.

According to Hathaway, locals liked to use the formation as an April Fool’s joke and each year someone would start a rumor that it had fallen even when it hadn’t.

"It was really a surprise to no one that that tower, at least the cap rock, was going to come off at some point in time," Hathaway said in a statement.

The area around Moab is an outdoor enthusiast's dream and a hot spot for rock climbers, mountain bikers and hikers. Many people visit the area just to see the unique formations.

What do you think caused the rock formation to fall?

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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