CNN Talking Heads Use Product-Placed Surface Tablets As iPad Stands

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Once again, Microsoft is having a hard time controlling the variables of its product placement.

You may have been watching CNN's election coverage last night. If so, you may have seen a bunch of shiny, new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablets resting upright in front of the various commentators.

What you may not have seen were the iPads, which the talking heads 'hid' behind the Surface tablets.

Sneaking around your personal iPad by using the product-placed tablet as a shield is one thing. But using it as a stand? That's some cold-ass shit right there.

This sort of thing is becoming a trend. As they do with CNN, Microsoft also has a deal in place with the NFL to exclusively use the new Surface tablets on the sidelines during games and on the commentators' table during, well, commentating. Unfortunately, things haven't gone 100 percent according to plan, as Microsoft has had a hard time getting announcers to stop calling them iPads.

Image via @adamUCF, Twitter

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