CNN, BuzzFeed Launch YouTube Collaboration

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Viral trends webiste BuzzFeed today announced that it has partnered with CNN and YouTube to launch a new YouTube channel. According to BuzzFeed, a new channel will combine BuzzFeed's entertainment content and CNN's news to create new content that will be aimed squarely at engaging young people online.

"There has been a massive cultural shift in how people - particularly young people - consume news and entertainment and Ze and his team are tapping into the next generation of video production and consumption," said Jon Steinberg, president of BuzzFeed. "Over 70% of BuzzFeed’s traffic is social, almost half is mobile, and we are seeing these huge shifts earlier than others because the majority of our readers are 18-34. We are thrilled to partner with YouTube to bring a new generation of video content to a BuzzFeed audience that lives on social media and mobile phones,"

The new CNN BuzzFeed channel will use CNN archival footage to create mash-up videos. The two organizations will also be collaborating on "list posts," which will be published on the CNN website.

“By pairing the journalistic strength and reach of the CNN brand with BuzzFeed’s unique editorial approach and young audience, our partnership will enable both organizations to engage new audiences,” said KC Estenson, SVP of CNN Digital. “It’s the perfect modern day media collaboration.”

The new CNN Buzzfeed YouTube channel has only one video so far, a narrated montage of CNN rescue footage: