Clown Uses Steve Jobs' Stolen iPad to Play Michael Jackson

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You really can't make this up.

In an incredibly odd turn of events, an iPad once beloning to the Steve Jobs household wound up in the hands of a party clown known as Kenny the Clown. Police confiscated the stolen device while investigating a recent break-in of the late Apple co-founder's Palo Alto residence.

Earlier this week, we told you that Steve Jobs' home had been burglarized in late July, and 35-year-old Kariem McFarlin had been arrested for the crime. He allegedly stole $60,000 worth of computers, tablets, and personal items. At first, officials were hesitant to say whether the items actually belonged to Jobs himself, or one of his family members. Now, Mercury News is reporting that many of the items did belong to Jobs, including iDevices, Macs, and Jobs' wallet.

And his iPad, which was found with Kenny the Clown. Apparently, he received the 64GB iPad from McFarlin as a gift shortly after the burglary.

Kenny the Clown (real name Kenneth Kahn) says that he had no clue as to the iPad's unique significance.

"I didn't notice anything special or anything like that," said Kahn. "It was silver; it looked normal. I was basically using it like an iPod."

According to the report, Kahn didn't really take advantage of many of the iPad's capabilities. All he really used it for was iTunes, which he used to play the theme to the Pink Panther as well as some Michael Jackson tracks at one of his gigs.

""He's a nice guy who made a horrible, horrible decision," Kahn told Mercury News. "I wish I could ask him: 'What were you thinking?'"

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