Cloudflare Makes the Internet More Private With DNS Service

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Cloudflare recently announced a way for the public to enjoy faster and more private Internet. The top performance and security company just rolled out, the first DNS service of its kind developed specifically around the concept of putting privacy first and foremost.

A lot of Internet users are unaware that everything on the web begins with a DNS request. Known as the Internet's directory, a DNS translates a name into a numerical online address that a computer understands. However, DNS is an unsecured and unencrypted system. It's also very slow.

Every Internet Service Provider (ISP) has the capability to monitor DNS requests and see every app or website that a person visits, even if said site is encrypted. This information is sometimes sold and used for ad targeting.

Cloudflare's provides an alternative to that. The service offers users unmatched security and speed. With, loading time of web pages become shorter and key user data are kept secret from ISPs. The service also supports DNS over HTTPS and encrypted DNS. Plus, data from logs is erased after 24 hours and no user data or IP addresses are stored.

Cloudflare co-founder and CEO Matthew Prince says the practice of selling user data to advertisers is “creepy,” especially since the data will be used to target consumers without their knowledge and consent. Prince also said that what people do on the Internet is no one's business and that Cloudflare designed to ensure that the company and the ISPs of the world won't know what users are doing online.

The service is reportedly easy to set up. The system doesn't require any special software or technical skill. Anyone can have the system up and running in less than five minutes. To use the service, the user has to change the DNS server settings on their device. Instructions on how to go about this can be found on Cloudflare's website.

Installation is free and is available for desktop computers and mobile devices. However, Cloudflare says paying clients will receive biggest speed boosts.

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