Clinton Given Helmet Upon Return to the State Department


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U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton returned to work at the State Department today after a month-long hospital stay. Clinton had fallen and suffered a concussion, then was hospitalized and treated for a blood clot after a follow-up.

Upon her return, staffers at the State Department demonstrated that diplomats do, in fact, have a sense of humor. Clinton was presented with a gift at the first briefing after her return: a football jersey and helmet, complete with the State Department logo on the side. The helmet is a not-so-subtle jab at the secretary's fall and concussion.

It's doubtful that Clinton will wear the helmet in her day-to-day duties as Secretary of State, which she won't have to deal with much longer. Clinton has announced she will soon step down from her position, and President Obama has announced former presidential candidate John Kerry as his nominee for the next Secretary of State. The presumption is that Clinton will be using the next few years to organize a campaign to run for president in 2016.