Clint Eastwood Walks The Red Carpet With New Girlfriend

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Clint Eastwood had several people buzzing during Sunday night's Oscars when he showed up on the red carpet with a beautiful blonde, and many wanted to know who the woman was.

According to Us Weekly, Eastwood's new girlfriend is Christina Sandera, who works as a hostess in his restaurant in Carmel, California. The couple are now reportedly living together in his home following his highly publicized divorce from Dina Eastwood, who was the star of a VH1 reality show while they were still married.

Dina opened up about their split to Bethenny Frankel but declined to say exactly what caused the rift.

“Stuff started happening in the spring that threw me for a loop. I had no clue that there would ever be any kind of turbulence or bizarre things occur. I thought it would just be really cool, that we’d live in the same town and go to the same place to have a drink. I didn’t get it…He’s lovely, he hasn’t done much. It’s other people around him have done things that have blown me away and again my future ex-husband has done nothing . He’s probably the sweetest guy I’ve ever met. He is the sweetest, he is a loving, kind, low-key person so my intuition was still great on marrying a good person," she said.

Clint Eastwood was at the Academy Awards for his hugely successful film American Sniper, which nearly broke the box office when it debuted in December. To date, it has earned $319.6 million in North America and $108.6 million internationally for a total of $428.1 million, making it the most successful war film of all time. Despite it's box office-draw, however, it failed to bring in more than one of the six total Oscars it was nominated for.

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