Clint Eastwood Seeks To Avoid Spousal Support


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Clint Eastwood has moved to make sure his ex-wife, Dina, will not be getting any spousal support after she filed for divorce in October. In addition to submitting a request to avoid alimony payments, the Hollywood legend has also filed for joint legal and physical custody of the couple's 16-year-old daughter, Morgan. Dina had sought full custody in the divorce. The Gran Torino star recently revealed that the relationship between Dina and himself had soured roughly a year and a half ago and that they had been separated since mid 2012.

According to TMZ, Clint Eastwood's request that the court deny his former spouse alimony is based on an pre-nup that was signed ahead of the marriage. Eastwood has a very good reason to be concerned. He is worth an estimated $375 million dollars. If the divorce court ignores the agreement, that entitles his ex-wife of 16 years to half of everything that Eastwood owns. Full custody would no doubt also mean more money in the form of child support payments.

The 83-year-old actor is no stranger to expensive legal separations. The divorce from his first wife Maggie Johnson in 1984 cost over $23 million dollars.

The newest former Mrs. Eastwood has had a tough go of things this year. A few months before filing for divorce, she checked into rehab in order to cope with depression and anxiety. This could have played a major role in her decision to call it quits in October.

The official reason given for the divorce was "irreconcilable differences", but it's possible more details will be revealed as both parties dig in their heels for the fight ahead. With the combination of a custody battle and spousal support on the line, we're likely to find out just how irreconcilable those differences really are.

If things go terribly for Clint Eastwood on the spousal support front, he can take comfort in knowing he will not have had the most expensive divorce settlement in Hollywood history. That unique honor is thus far held by Mel Gibson, who split half his then estimated $850 million with his wife in the 2011 divorce.

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