Clint Eastwood Goes Reality-Based


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Right turn Clyde! Clint Eastwood, the most bad-ass cowboy to ever grace Hollywood's screens is still alive and kickin' as many of you know, but he's decided to venture into some new territory. The 81-year old actor/director has signed a deal with E!. Eastwood and his young wife Dina will appear with their two daughters, Francesca and Morgan in a new reality series that will bring viewers into their lives.

Also to be included in the series will be the six male members of an African male cappella group called Overtone. Apparently, Overtone is his wife's project. She manages the boys from Africa and has brought them over from their home to live in Eastwood's Carmel, California mansion.

Here's a clip of Overtone performing:

Unfortunately the reality show which will feature only cameo appearances from Eastwood, and be mostly centered around Overtone and his wife Dina. It sounds more like a, "will they make it big or not", kind of show. I have to say, I am a little disappointed by the news. I was hoping it was going to be a little bit more 'Dirty Harry' and a lot less 'Boys 2 Men'.

Remember this guy:

Oh Chief?, Chief? I was just wondering, I suppose that Mangey redbone hound is got no place else to go either?

I can't wait to see Josey Wales, I mean Clint Eastwood and how he comes across in a reality setting. I hope he has to shoot somebody! Just kidding. We'll see if it delivers on any material that'll 'make our day'. Maybe he'll come into the recording studio, spit tobacco onto his dog's head and shoot the recording instruments while asking; "You fellas mind turning this down?, "a man needs his peace and quiet". Somehow I doubt it, but you can bet i'll tune in to see!