Claire Danes Talks Hollywood Body Shaming

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Claire Danes doesn't like the way women's bodies are shamed in Hollywood circles if they don't meet certain standards of thinness. She's decided it's high time someone spoke up for those who have been or likely will be shamed. The Homeland star shared her thoughts on the topic during a recent interview with People magazine.

"I feel like my body is monitored and commented on infinitely more than my male counterpart," she said.

"I remember a couple of Emmys ago, Lena Dunham and I were on the carpet together. We were singled out and criticized for having different body types--I was too skinny and she was too big," Claire Danes adds. "She is a dear friend of mine, and it made me angry because this is just how we are."

Danes doesn't like that so many have adapted to these ridiculous Hollywood standards.

"We just take it for granted that it's acceptable and we really internalize that as normal and fine, and it's not," she said.

She admits she felt pressure to maintain her svelte physique--even while pregnant.

"I was very anxious about my pregnancy because I was responsible for this huge show, and I didn't want to let anyone down at work, but I had this other major project of growing a person," she said. "I was mindful of what I was eating because I didn't want to look pregnant."

Hopefully Claire Danes will make her beliefs about body shaming in Hollywood her new crusade. People shouldn't be shamed because they don't wear a size four and subsist on lettuce leaves and cleansing beverages. Not everyone has the makeup to be what Hollywood perceives as perfectly built.

Claire Danes could make a name for herself that's almost as big as the one she has made via her films and shows like Homeland if she continues expression her feelings about Hollywood body shaming. That would earn her even more respect than any Emmy Award or nomination will.

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