Claire Danes: My Body Is Monitored

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Claire Danes is the latest in a long line of Hollywood actresses who are speaking up about sexism in Hollywood. The Homeland star told People recently, "I feel like my body is monitored and commented on infinitely more than my male counterparts."

Danes then related a particular incident that exemplifies her point.

"I remember a couple of Emmys ago, Lena Dunham and I were on the carpet together. We were singled out and criticized for having different body types – I was too skinny and she was too big," Claire Danes said. "She is a dear friend of mine, and it made me angry because this is just how we are."

Danes hit the nail on the head, saying, "We just take it for granted that it's acceptable and we really internalize that as normal and fine, and it's not."

Claire Danes' character on Homeland, Carrie Mathison, had a baby. Danes herself was also pregnant during the filming of a recent season, but not a season that corresponded to Mathison's pregnancy. Danes spoke about how being pregnant affected shooting scenes.

"I was very anxious about my pregnancy because I was responsible for this huge show, and I didn't want to let anyone down at work, but I had this other major project of growing a person," Danes said. "I was mindful of what I was eating because I didn't want to look pregnant."

Claire Danes baby, Cyrus, "is a Homeland baby through and through," she says.

"He loves it. A set is such a playground for a kid," Danes says. "He loved the ops room in the last season because he loved the lights and the screens and the levers to pull. That was also a bit of a joke – little tiny Cyrus in the ops room, saving the world from Armageddon!"

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