Claire Danes And Matthew McConaughey Are Expecting

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It seems celebrity water sources are spiked with pregnancy hormones, because a ton of stars are turning up preggers. From Snooki to Reese Witherspoon, babies are definitely on the collective brain of Hollywood these days.

Now, we can add Claire Danes and Matthew McConaughey to that list. A rep for Danes confirmed recently that she is indeed expecting her first child, which apparently hasn't interfered with her show "Homeland" at all as it goes into its second season. Husband Hugh Dancy will have to balance out being a new dad with starring in the upcoming NBC show "Hannibal" (yes, that Hannibal).

McConaughey is a bit more experienced, having two kids already with wife Camilla, although since they will all only be about a year apart he'll have his work cut out for him. He doesn't seem too worried about it, however, tweeting the news in typical McConaughey laid-back fashion.

Danes has quite a career captured on celluloid to show to her child someday; between "My So-Called Life", "Stardust", and "Romeo + Juliet", her kid will no doubt be proud to call her Mama. McConaughey, however, has this. Which is, in a way, even more awesome.

Amanda Crum
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