CISPA Pro-Privacy Amendments No Longer Being Considered

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Remember when I wrote about CISPA not being so bad just a few days ago? While I still believe that people are somewhat hypocritical when defending privacy while spilling their life story on Facebook, there were some reasons to be concerned in regards to the legislation. I was operating under the good faith that the bill was going to see some amendments before it went up to vote to make it better. Yeah, just scratch that.

Techdirt has obtained the rules set for the CISPA debate by the House Intelligence Committee. While most of it is your standard legal jargon, there's one bit that really just sucks. From rule three to various rules at the end, it states that all the proposed pro-privacy amendments to the bill have now been thrown out the window. It's a rotten turn for a bill that was starting to sound pretty good.

There was no reason given for the sudden reversal of goodwill. One Techdirt commenter points out that it could have something to do with the White House threatening to veto the bill yesterday. We don't rightly know, but if CISPA is now being rammed through Congress to counter what they may see as a bluff, that's a low blow to concerned citizens. You would think cybersecurity and privacy would be important enough to not use them as political tools. Unfortunately, everybody in Washington, regardless of party, has proven that nothing is sacred in this election year.

We'll keep you updated on any changes that may come. The house is expected to debate the bill today so there may be some new developments that arise from that. Likewise, expect big developments from the Internet party. This news is sure to strike a chord with those protesting the bill and this will only make their dissent louder.

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