CIPR Looking For Suggestions Regarding Social Media Guidelines

Social Media

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The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) wants your help to develop a best-practice set of guidelines on using social media in PR practice.

According to the CIPR’s Social Media Panel, the open consultation is designed to help ensure that the guidelines reflect best practice, capture expert thinking and reflect new technologies, tools and ways of working, as they develop.

If you have a constructive point of view about social media in UK public relations practice, you can add your voice, whether or not you’re in PR or even a CIPR member.

[...] We welcome input from practitioners, industry bodies and any other groups keen to develop social media thinking and best practice. This is and should be a collaborative effort for the public relations profession.

The existing CIPR social media guidelines – first developed in early 2007 and last updated in 2009 – have been posted to a CIPR wiki to enable collaborative reviewing and editing. You can find it here:

A quick review of some of the content posted there shows just how fast things have changed in PR practice, what comprises social media these days and how it’s used from the PR perspective. Good timing to update this material.

The open consultation period runs until the end of September and the CIPR’s goal is to publish updated guidelines in October.