Chuck Norris Son Says Elites Could Kill Off Americans Within a Year

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Chuck Norris just turned 75. The martial arts film veteran has been very forthright about his own thoughts on where America is headed.

In his 2010 book Black Belt Patriotism, Chuck Norris listed his gripes.

"Illegal immigrants are swarming over our borders. Our nation and American families are crippled by debt. We remain vulnerable to Islamist terrorist attacks. Judges ignore the Constitution and instead legislate from the bench. Faith and traditional values are under incessant assault from the media, leftist lawyers, and the liberal establishment."

Now Chuck Norris' son Mike Norris is taking up the call. He has already produced the faith-based movie Mission Air in 2014. Now he is working on AmeriGeddon.

"The movie we are working on now is not a faith based movie it's more of a political thriller," Norris said. "But the undertones of it are why America is the way America is turning. If you were to peel back the layers of the onion of this movie it is why we are dying as a nation."

Wo who does Mike Norris think is to blame for the ills of America. In some ways, the same people that Chuck Norris said were.

"It's really about the elite in this world. The people that rule the banks, they rule the financial system, they rule everything. If they were to say stop, and all of sudden our dollar is worthless, all of a sudden the power goes off, all of a sudden our government shut down."

Norris takes this all very seriously. He believes that a small group of elites could kill most of the people in America within a year if they chose to.

"The elites in the world, the people that run the monetary systems," Norris explained, "If the banks collapse, there is no money. It's a fact that if this was to happen, in 12 months 90% of the U.S. population would die. In 12 months, that is a fact. So it's very much a political, action movie."

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