Chuck Norris Endorses Greg Abbott For Texas Governor

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Chuck Norris is still best-known for his on-screen roles in TV shows and movies such as Walker, Texas Ranger and Lone Wolf McQuade, but for a few years now the martial artist's conservative political views have been getting headlines. The most prominent example of this came two years ago when Norris and his wife released an anti-Obama video on YouTube warning of the "1,000 years of darkness" that might result from President Obama's reelection.

Now Norris is wading back into politics in the state that helped make him famous.

On Wednesday Norris publicly stated his support for Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott. Abbott is the current Attorney general of Texas and the Republican nominee for governor. He is currently running against Texas State Senator and Democrat Wendy Davis.

Norris attended political rallys for Abbott in both San Antonio and Corpus Christi this week. The actor posted a message of support for Abbott and pictures of himself with Abbott supporters to his Facebook page on Wednesday.

Business Insider has also published a fundraising email that Norris sent out to Abbot supporters this week. The email urges supporters to donate to the Abbott campaign "because [Norris] said so." The email also focuses on Abbott's support of gun rights and characterizes President Obama as an anti-gun politician. From the email:

There are some liberals here in Texas who want to impose restrictive gun control in our state, from limiting concealed carry laws to banning gun shows on city property.

That’s just backwards.

While Abbott has warmly welcomed Norris' support, it appears unlikely that he will need it to become governor of Texas. For months now Davis has trailed Abbott by double digits in polls.

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