Chuck Norris Actor Double Tied Up and Robbed in Brazil

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In São Paulo, Brazil there lives a man named Norberto Tavares de Lira. He goes by the nickname “Chuck Norbas”. He has this nickname because he is the spitting image of American martial arts star Chuck Norris.

Norberto was cleaning the wheels on his vehicle when four men approached him and forced him inside his house. They tied his hands and feet with phone cord, then went upstairs. There they found his wife. They spotted some of Norberto’s paraphernalia for Chuck Norris.

“They asked if a police officer lived in the house,” Norberto said, “and my wife explained I was Chuck Norris’s double in Brazil. They calmed down a bit after that. Robbing Chuck’s house was a brave thing to do.”

Norberto was more concerned for his wife’s well-being than his belongings.

“I talked to the men and told them to take what they wanted but to be careful with my wife who was upstairs because she had a knee problem,” he recounted. “It seemed to do the trick because they obeyed.”

The men made off with jewelry, watches, cash, and television sets.

Norberto is actually a working actor who plays Chuck Norris in a Brazilian television series called Coisas que Porto Alegre Fala, which roughly translates to “Things Porto Alegre Speaks” or “Shit People in Porto Alegre Say”, a popular theme for YouTube videos.

“Chuck Norbas” is a regular on the program, where his camo shirt, fingerless gloves, shades, and beard made for a convincing Chuck Norris.

Norberto has a Facebook page where you can follow his exploits, if you speak Portuguese.

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