Chromecast To Launch In The UK Soon

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Since July of last year, Google has been selling the Chromecast exclusively in the U.S. as it has worked on expanding and improving the services offered on the HDMI dongle. Now Google wants to take the Chromecast to the land of fish and chips.

The Next Web is reporting that Currys, an electronics retailer in the UK, is saying that they'll be selling the Chromecast in the UK starting March 1. The date itself is not set in stone, but Google has also confirmed that the device will be making its way overseas in the coming weeks.

With the launch of Chromecast in the UK, Google will finally expand its plans to take over the living room outside the U.S. Granted, the streaming options will probably be far less impressive than they are currently in the U.S. The Chromecast only launched with Netflix and Google Play Movies in the U.S. though so the UK has a better chance of getting more than just one service at launch. You can bet that LoveFilm and Sky will be available, but it's hard to what else.

The important thing to remember, however, is that the Google Cast SDK is now open to all developers. Developers in the UK and elsewhere can now create apps that help owners get the most out of the device. This will most likely come in the form of apps that allow users to stream local content via their home PCs, but other services will likely be made available shortly after launch.

On a final note, nobody knows how much Google is going to sell the Chromecast for or how many retail partners will sell the device. If we're going off a strict exchange rate, Google will likely sell the Chromecast for £20.

Image via Google Chrome/YouTube